Support the arts in Mcdonough Ga

The arts have always been important to us in McDonough Ga. That is why this website is dedicated to local artists living in McDonough Georgia.

Our goal is to promote local artists, awarding prizes, and organizing arts events. Your cooperation is needed to make this work.

McDonough artists need our help 

Artists bring beauty and pleasure to the world. However, many struggle to get their name out there. So when you purchase their artwork you help them to pay for art materials and equipment. You encourage them to keep producing works of art that will bring joy and pleasure to generations to come.

“We serviced their AC units recently. They are doing a good job helping our local artists here in McDonough.” — Cheryl with JSC Enterprises, air conditioning repair in mcdonough ga.

How to help local artists in McDonough

  • Support their art shows.
  • Share their work on social media.
  • Purchase their artwork.
  • Commission new art for your home or business.

Learn more

If you are local artist and would like the free publicity then contact us here. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer we want to hear from you. Is your passion music or film? Are you a seasoned artist or budding artist? We want to hear from you both!

Use the contact form here to learn more about how the can artist share their art work in McDonough Ga.

Thanks for your support!

We got this recently from Arthur who said, “Thanks for giving a chance to my daughter to give her some free publicity about her art. She has designed the artwork for our heating and air website and work forms and invoices.” Arthur does Ac repair in McDonough Ga.

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