Art Work & Air Conditioning Repair McDonough Ga

Art work and air conditioning go hand in hand in McDonough!

In this article we will discuss the importance of protecting your artwork by storing it in a place with the proper temperature.

In this article we interview some local art lovers. Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises runs a local HVAC repair business right here in McDonough. Steve shares a few tips on what artists and collectors can do to protect their artwork.

So you are an artist or perhaps you enjoy the fine arts. If you have taken time to paint something you love your master peace may have taken you days, weeks or even months to finish. You certainly have a lot of time and sweat equity invested in your art.

On the other hand, you may have invested in an original peace of artwork from a local gallery here in Henry County or bought it online from a reputable dealer.

The question is how will you protect your investment?

Storing art at its proper temperature

Steve tells us, ” The biggest problem is when people store art in an unfinished area. Usually it is very dusty and humid. This can damage valuable pieces or art.”

How can you protect your artwork from humidity? Steve answers, ” The ideal temperature to store art is between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see this could pose dangers to your paintings if they were stored in an exterior garage or unfinished attic. The extreme swings of the temperature could harm your artwork.”

Steve continues, “This is why we suggest storing it in an air conditioned part of your home, office or storage facility. This is the only way to protect your investment. This is why it is imperative to have your air conditioning units maintained on a regular basis by a certified technician.”

Any other tips for art lovers in McDonough?

Steve shares these final words of advice by telling us to…

  • Never wrap your artwork in plastic or saran wrap because it could lead to moisture and mold growth.
  • Never hang a painting in the direct sunlight.
  • If you must store it in a basement then be sure you have a humidifier down there. The ideal humidity to store artwork is 40-50% .

If you would like to talk to a certified air conditioning expert in McDonough you can contact Steve using his info below.

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