Popcorn fundraiser for art supplies

Art supplies aren’t free. many students don’t have the funds to buy art supplies each month. We want to encourage our budding artists in McDonough.  So we have been brainstorming ways to raise money and were thinking about holding a popcorn fundraiser. You can learn more about the Fundraising Zone Popcorn fundraising opportunity here on their website. It’s free for the school and fun for the students.

Why a raise money for arts and crafts?

Many families find it expensive to purchase art supplies on a regular basis.

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Pencils
  • Pastels
  • Canvas

Why Popcorn fundraising for art school?

There are a few good ideas about holding a popcorn fundraiser for art classes. My comments are in (parenthesis.)

  • People like to eat popcorn. (Its the most popular TV and movie snack in the USA)
  • Gourmet flavors. (Six to choose from.)
  • It is affordable at only $8 so customers will donate for it. (To give this perspective the boy scouts charges $16. So $8 is a steal.)
  • The fundraising company gives free popcorn catalogs. (Fundraising Zone has been helping kids raise money for schools and art for fifty years.)
  • There is no cost to get started. (I like this.)
  • There is also a good profit margin on this. (Up to $4 a bag.)
  • We don’t have to pop the popcorn! So we can focus on artwork instead.

This way we can teach, train and support the artists of the future. Tell us your thoughts. This is only a suggestion. We could try and make the popcorn ourselves.